By Melanie Rivera, MA:

The fact that an increasing number of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs are deciding to use the services of a virtual assistant is an encouraging one for both sides. While it is true that there some not-so–great virtual assistants setting themselves up every day, there is also a growing number of highly educated, extremely dedicated and talented individuals who serve on Virtual Assistant teams as well.

If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

A Virtual Assistant is Not a Psychic – Virtual assistants possess many talents – web design, social media strategies, market research – but psychic powers are usually not amongst them. It is crucial that you, the business owner has a clear idea of what it is you need a VA to accomplish.

Be as specific as you can  when a new task is assigned and although no virtual assistant ever expects their client to be available at all times (we are there, after all, to help you free up your time) having a regular line of open communication is essential.

Be Honest with Your VA – If something is not right, be up front with your virtual assistant and get everything out into the open right away. Working together as a perfect virtual team will take time, just as it would if you hired a person to come sit right next to you in your office.

As virtual assistants we want to understand you, your business and how we can help you and no detail is too small for us if it is important to you. We also thrive, like any employee, when we get feedback, good or bad, so that we know what working and what needs to change.

At Virtual Assist USA, a leading Virtual Assistant team, we regularly solicit feedback from our clients during each quarter. And, because we appreciate it so much, we toss a little gift their way, too.