Companies such as MTV, eBay, AOL, NBC and US Steel use Virtual Assistants. These companies are certainly full of talented employees, so why do they outsource work to Virtual Assistants? People wonder: What can a Virtual Assistant do that their internal team hasn’t completely mastered?

Here are three of the top reasons that Virtual Assistants are of great use and value to big, bad companies:

  • Their internal teams are already drowning in work and they have more tasks than talent
  • They are stuck without ideas and need a fresh perspective
  • It is not in their budget to hire a fulltime person, but they can allocate funds for an outside agency.

These same reasons that three-letter acronym companies hire Virtual Assistants, are the same reasons that small companies, medium companies and solo-entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants. The smaller-scale companies hire Virtual Assistants to leverage new talents, receive a fresh and educated perspective on new ways of doing business and to save money from hiring a full time person.

Virtual Assistants work just as well for small companies, as they do for big companies. Virtual Assistants can also serve doctors, CPAs and attorneys. The reason that there is so much buzz about using a Virtual Assistant is because – it works!

The bottom line is that Virtual Assistants don’t get contracts with big companies or small companies – we get contracts with Kevin, Diana and Jay. People hire Virtual Assist USA because we are innovative, honest and fresh. We build relationships with smart, dedicated people and we make it our goal to make our clients the star of the show. We get projects – big and small – because we kick butt at them.


Virtual Assist USA is a full-service Virtual Assistant firm that helps clients generate more revenue and gain more free time. Virtual Assist USA’s Virtual Assistants will create and execute an entire marketing, public relations or branding strategy for your business for a fraction of the cost of a marketing agency.