We sat down with serial-entrepreneur and relentless connector  Linda Handley of Building Bridges, non-profit expert and founder of Building Bridges for Business. Building Bridges partners with organizations in the Western Pennsylvania region whose mission it is to promote and support small business. Building Bridges for Business, Inc. will further advance economic development in Allegheny County. Virtual Assist USA is a proud sponsor of this powerful organization.

Why is it a great time for someone to start a business? It’s hard for some to believe that it’s a good time to start a business considering our economic conditions.  It’s actually a great time to be starting a business  Those who were affected by a company downsizing or closing, can think of this as an opportunity to take that leap into being an entrepreneur.  Most people don’t start a business due to lack of time to do so.  Building Bridges for Business helps Allegheny County small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing resources and support in starting a business.  With technology playing a huge role in business today, it’s actually easier to get set up in your own business.  It takes less time and money to start an online business than a brick & mortar business.  In fact, many brick and mortar businesses have grown their business tremendously using the internet.  Another great reason to start a business right now is the amount of money available.  In September of 2010, President Obama signed The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 which offers small business owners tax breaks and better access to credit.

How can someone start a business with other pressures such as a full-time family life, full-time job, financial insecurity? Whether someone works full time for a company or is self employed, there will always be life pressures.  Balance, organization and focus are key to being able to juggle our career and personal life efficiently.  Building Bridges helps small business owners with managing daily operations and provides resources that help with the pressures of business and personal life.
How does someone take that first step towards starting a business? Someone takes the first step by making the decision and then taking action.  Building Bridges for Business provides resources to help plan the strategies needed to becoming a small business owner.
What is the biggest business challenge that most new entrepreneurs face? The biggest challenge new entrepreneurs face is the fear of failure.  It’s hard thinking about failing, but it’s even worse if we don’t even try to succeed.  Thomas Edision said “I failed my way to success.”
How does Building Bridges help? Building Bridges for Business helps by assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners every step of the way, from the first steps in starting a business to promoting and growing a business.  Building Bridges understands the challenges and fears small business owners face.  Allegheny County small business owners can count on Building Bridges for Business for ongoing support; guiding them to success.
What is the best piece of business advice you ever received? When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.  Building relationships will be the core of your success.
Learn more about how to manage, grow, promote or start your own business by visiting Building Bridges for Business.