1.      The Wish List: What business objectives do you want to  accomplish by outsourcing these functions? More free time or reduced overhead? A clear and decisive answer to this question will guide the business owner or executive toward the Virtual Assistant Company that provides the best fit. (Be certain these objectives are made clear in your agreement)

2.      Vision Beyond the Budget: Price is a consideration, of course, but it cannot and should not be the primary only factor to consider when comparing Virtual Assistant companies. When one over-prioritizes the price, one must also accept the risk of “getting what you pay for.” Consider what types of advanced or specialized services are offered and what level of client support you will receive. Also consider the company’s hours of operation and response time (including nights, weekends and holidays), and finally, what level of professionals does the company employ? Is the company committed to employing high-level professionals and experts in a variety of fields?  A reliable outsourcing firm is much more like a business partner than a service provider, and will make sure that the goals and missions of your company are embraced and understood by everyone involved.  Remember to make decisions based on the business that you want vs. the business that you currently have.

3.      Top Tech Trends: Make sure that your Virtual Assistant provider is keeping current, particularly with internet marketing, social media, web design and IT. These areas are all extremely dynamic. Choose a provider who provides experts on these topics and has the capacity to stay on top of new developments. A provider who is knowledgeable about current industry trends can tell you if they apply to your business or not and provide quality recommendations, allowing you to check one more thing off of your to-do list.

4.      The Company’s Core: Do the Core Values and company culture mesh well with yours? How does this company treat staff? Does this company value client service? You want this to be a long term partnership, and those are best formed with shared values and a common vision.

5.      Key Communicators: The best outsourcing and Virtual Assistant companies have a large, professional team dedicated to servicing clients, led by an experienced Project Manager who is the go-to person. These firms have a greater depth of expertise, faster turnaround time and a broader set of resources.

The Bottom Line– The growth and success of your business depend largely on efficiency and effective time management.  Many day-to-day tasks can and should be delegated, allowing you more time and energy to tend to other priorities. Once you have determined your needs, finding an outstanding Outsourcing company can change the way you run your business and, ultimately, your life.