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We provide services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and managers who do not have the space, equipment, funds or desire to hire a staff person full-time, in house. Our services are specifically designed to be one-stop shopping and include Administrative, Marketing, Web, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Content Development, Video Editing, Business Consulting, Web Design and many more. For a complete list of ways we can serve your business, please visit our Virtual Assistant services page and click here.

We specialize in being proactive with our clients. We have always known that this is our distinct, competitive advantage. We invite you to find out first hand. Clients work with our Virtual Assistant team to cut costs, create high-performance businesses and free themselves from the frustration of trying to figure it out or do it all. We can take your project from conception to completion, which takes the burden off of you.

Virtual Assist USA is committed to transforming corporate social responsibility. We are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project and Cystic Fibrosis Association. Click on the below links to learn even more about our Virtual Assistant firm.


— About Our Team —

Virtual Assist USA team members treat our clients to an extraordinary experience, where we take care of your business as we would our own. Virtual Assist USA’s team of Virtual Assistants is made up of 42 specialists, who have worked on thousands of projects in over 25 industries.

Virtual Assist USA believes equally in the power of education and experience, meaning each team member is required to have advanced education and be able to demonstrate achieving proven results for clients. The majority of our team members have been with the company since its inception in 2008, demonstrating team loyalty and alignment with our company mission.

Virtual Assist USA is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA in the revitalized East End neighborhood near progressive companies like Google. However, we have Virtual Assistants spread across the United States in all time zones to accommodate clients’ time sensitive projects.

When you hire Virtual Assist USA, you have our entire experienced team at your fingertips, ready to collaborate on your project, anytime, anywhere.




— Leadership —

Danielle Julia Cuomo Owner of business services firm Virtual Assist USA, is an award-winning entrepreneur and author. Danielle’s creative, innovative approach to business garnered her many awards, such as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Smart Business Magazine Innovation Award, Athena Young Professionals Award, Stiletto Women in Business Award, Web of Trust Award, Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest and Business Journals Women of Distinction. Her ground-breaking company, Virtual Assist USA, was named as one of the largest management consulting companies in Pittsburgh by its 2nd year in business and has continued to win that honor annually.

Danielle founded Virtual Assist USA after leaving a successful corporate career with ESPN and a national IT project management consulting firm. With a multi-faceted business model, Virtual Assist USA has served thousands of small businesses across the world. In addition to working with Virtual Assist USA, Danielle had served as a board member, committee member & volunteer for various charities including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Beverly’s Birthdays, Four Diamonds Fund and The Animal Rescue League. She is an active member in the Institute for CEO Focus, MBA Women International and National Association of Women Business Owners.  She is also an ongoing advisor for Reese International and was honored as a featured entrepreneur at Chatham University.

She has authored 2 business books: Inspired Entrepreneurs (co-author) and How to Wheel and Deal in High Heels. She has been sought out to speak on topics of business development and strategy for the CBS Business Network, Woman’s World Magazine, CEO Focus, Entrepreneur Radio, Pop City, Small Business Radio and Home Business Magazine. Danielle is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in Business Administration.

Danielle believes in the power of small businesses and the American dream and says “Small businesses are the lifeline of America. I hope to continue to contribute by making my client’s dreams come true, which is the most rewarding of all.” Danielle lives in Pittsburgh, PA where she spends her free time gourmet cooking, playing guitar, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and trying to cross off every item on her Bucket List. View Danielle Julia Cuomo’s profile on LinkedIn.



Jolyn, our Client Experience Manager, joined the Virtual Assist USA team with a vast, and rather unique, business background. She has worked extensively with multi-national, large corporations, as well as in the trenches with small businesses and start ups. She excels in business management and has helped thousands of businesses with organization, personnel distribution, training and management. Jolyn spent many years in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas, working in many Las Vegas area resorts including Caesar’s Palace, the Palms, Mirage, Barrick Gaming and Wynn Las Vegas. She first stepped into this industry as a Las Vegas ‘Bookie.’ Yes, you read that right, a Bookie. Jolyn took her interest in sports and horse racing and made a career out of it. But her talents as a coach, personnel and project manager were too valuable to ignore. At ‘The Wynn’ Jolyn excelled at corporate management and personnel training, first training their management staff (1,200 people from Supervisors to Vice Presidents) on personnel management and department organization, then training entry and mid level staff (10,000 strong at the time) on maintaining their AAA 5-star rating. For the last several years Jolyn has specialized in helping small business owners effectively align themselves with virtual assistants.

She specializes in Project Management and regularly provides support and assistance in writing and presenting standard operating procedures.  She loves providing marketing support, advice, and campaign planning and execution; her marketing style combines unique ideas in both online and offline marketing. Best of all, Jolyn is able to pull together and organize teams with high level skills in all needed areas and keep them on track in both large and small projects. Much of Jolyn’s business and management training programs focus on building your business around your life (rather than anchoring your life to your business). Jolyn doesn’t just train this, she lives it! She loves to travel and is constantly dragging her 3 boys around the country with her. In college Jolyn was a true University of Las Vegas Rebel and insists on living as such, both in her business and personal life.






  — Careers —

At Virtual Assist USA, we value creativity and diversity; encourage professional development and strive to build a community of determined Virtual Assistants who love working every day for our incredibly successful clients. Our company is composed of educated, talented Virtual Assistants dedicated to different tasks and projects with the common goal in mind that we make our clients’ lives easier. If you’re an innovative, experienced, educated professional Virtual Assistant with at least 10 years of experience in the field who is in the market for a position in Creative, Technical, Administrative or Strategic practice areas, e-mail Melanie Rivera (hello@virtualassistusa.com) a thoughtful cover letter, accompanied by a resume/CV and portfolio.



Our Philosophy and Values

Every client interaction is an opportunity to enhance the experience and make a good impression. Our commitment of delivering over-the-top Client Service is something we are always striving for at Virtual Assist USA.

The following core principles and values grow out of our mission and vision and serve to guide our work. ·

  • Quality: To support the highest standards of excellence in all we do.
  • Innovation: To remain at the forefront of supporting new kinds of marketing, learning, process improvement, client care and attention.
  • Creativity and Openness: To foster an environment conducive to creativity and supportive of the creative process. All team members and contractors are always heard and healthy exchanges of issues and ideas are always promoted. We value and promote a company culture of communication.
  • Relevance: To remain agile in our thinking and responsive to current and emerging trends, technologies, opportunities and challenges.
  • Client-Centered: To place client needs at the center of our planning and delivering; maintaining confidentiality and security for our client’s at all times.

Commitment and Responsibility: To ensure organizational continuity, stability, security and growth through the highest level of legal and ethical responsibility.



Our Service Philosophy

Every client interaction is an opportunity to enhance the experience and make a good impression. Our commitment of delivering over-the-top Client Service is something we are always striving for at Virtual Assist USA.

1) We believe that Client Service is not just a one-way interaction between a business owner and their Virtual Assistant. We believe it goes much deeper than that. At the core of our Service Philosophy is helping people. Throughout our company’s history at Virtual Assist USA, we have strategically focused on building a top-notch team of expert professionals. Our top team members have been with us for the longevity of the company, which we believe is a testament to our company culture. Our company culture has a tremendous impact on the quality of service we deliver to our clients and their small businesses.

2) We don’t claim to be perfect and there have been times when we haven’t quite hit the bulls-eye, but we admit mistakes, take responsibility and immediately look for a way to correct and improve. This tell-it-like-it-is philosophy has contributed to our client retention and loyalty. We may have a large portfolio of clients, but we strive to make you feel like the only one – at the center of our universe. We thrive on delivering good service to our clients, every single time, every single day and with every single task.

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