If you are reading this, you have come to the realization that you need someone to take care of business for you! The daunting task of deciding employee vs. Virtual Assistant can be especially challenging. Read below to determine what is best for your business:

You Should Hire An Employee If:

  • You have the infrastructure, knowledge and staff capabilities to offer benefits, pay workman’s compensation and pay 50% of the employee’s Social Security and Medicare taxes
  • You already have a large in-house staff
  • Having someone’s physical presence in the office building is integral to your business’ success

The Virtual Assistant Route Will Work Best For You If:

  • You do not have – or want to create – the in-office space to house an employee (especially true for the ever growing ranks of home business owners)
  • You are looking for another expert’s advice and recommendations in innovative , fresh practices in marketing, social media, web design and more
  • You are not interested in directly supervising an employee hour-to-hour
  • You need to hire someone who can immediately hit the ground running – and has the experience and knowledge to know what to do
  • You have a set budget per month that you can spend on other’s work

Virtual Assistants work as independent contractors – you do not have to pay taxes, insurance, benefits or paid time off. Virtual Assistants are in business solely to provide ongoing, high-caliber support to business owners. Virtual Assistants also make consultative recommendations to clients, since they are closely involved and have a vested interest in the clients’ business success. Virtual Assistants are perfect for clients who need a behind the scenes office team, but cannot warrant hiring a full-time, in house, permanent employee.


To learn more about hiring a Virtual Assistant, contact: Virtual Assist USA