Each morning, as an entrepreneur, you may start off with 35 tasks on your To-Do list. You have your coffee, your Blackberry and a picture on your desk of a family that never sees you. Your vision is to be successful – whether that is measured by the size of your bank account or the lives you improve. And, to be successful, you need to remove at least half of those tasks. Completely off your plate. Increasingly, more micro and small business owners are hiring Virtual Assistant teams to expertly handle those tasks – and send entrepreneurs back where they belong: as the visionary.

A common objection? That the Virtual Assistant won’t know how to do it – or least not in the same way you do. If you hire an educated, experienced Virtual Assistant, you won’t run into this problem. Is it worth it to take the one hour to write up instructions or spend 20 hours doing it yourself? Furthermore, and this happens more often than not – the Virtual Assistant knows a way to do it better and cheaper than you.

Things just happen faster when working with a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants roll out projects very quickly, especially when you are working with a multi-Virtual Assistant firm.

As an entrepreneur, your job should be creating the vision for the company, launching new features, crafting the message and overseeing your teams. Some entrepreneurs feel that they need to keep tight reins on e-mails, sales questions, directory submissions, website adjustments, keyword research, client communication and  running reports – but delegating those tasks to a Virtual Assistant is the savviest decision an entrepreneur can make. Don’t fall into the control freak mentality of the need to handle it all yourself. You’re an entrepreneur now, you should know better.

Virtual Assist USA is a full-service multi Virtual Assistant firm. Services include: Admin, SEO, Marketing, PR, Web Design, Graphic Design and more. Visit: www.virtualassistusa.com to learn more.