imagesWe love holidays – special occasions sprinkled throughout the year that give us an opportunity to lighten up, show appreciation for others and feel gratitude. 

Many businesses use the holidays as a chance to reach out to their customers – yet they run the risk of appearing crass, pushy and desperate for a chance to sell.  On the contrary, we think that the holiday sentiments – especially Valentine’s Day – are an opportunity to communicate gratitude to your customers: gratitude for their loyalty and value they bring to you. Valentine’s Day is a particularly good occasion to do this, since it’s a little more unexpected.

1) Show them you care: This is a great time of year to send a gift that’s applicable to your business – a piece of chocolate imprinted with your logo, a special savings or offer, eBook or even a handwritten note. The thought here is what will make the difference.

2) Add a Valentine’s Day-themed element to your purchase:  Brainstorm what kind of extra token you can give to your clients to sweeten the deal this time of the year. For example, a spa could give a bonus 30-minute massage or manicure after a certain point of purchase. A retail store can toss a few chocolates into the shopping bag at checkout. It’s worth repeating here – the thought and the creativity is the key part of the message. 

3) Reach out: Turn the day into something a little more special – like having chocolate-covered strawberries at your reception desk or sending out Valentine’s signed by you and your team.

Sincerity and simplicity are the key takeaways to make your clients feel special today.