Using a Virtual Assistant to boost your business – whether it be your revenue,your productivity, or your own work/life balance – is something that more and more professionals are doing in 2010.

Virtual Assistants handle everything from administrative work to web design, and everything in between. (Learn more about Virtual Assistant Services) The best option is to work with a multi-Virtual Assistant company, so that you have the opportunity to utilize Virtual Assistants who provide a wider range of services, have greater availability and more streamlined, professional processes.

Small business owners spend a lot of time with clients, but they also need to do marketing, advertising, administrative work, maintain their website, streamline their bookkeeping and more. The traditional way used to be hiring an in-house employee, but with more small businesses operating from home and with limited budgets, that old way of doing business no longer makes sense. Virtual Assistants come with many benefits – two being that the small business owner saves money and space by hiring a VA, instead of an in-house employee.

How can a Virtual Assistant boost your business? Just a few of our favorite ways:

  • Launch and promote tele-seminars, courses and webinars to help you generate more revenue
  • Streamline your bookkeeping to create better cash flow management
  • Actively network for you using social media to increase your prospect base
  • Create & executive a 3, 6 or 9 month marketing plan
  • Update your website to be more user-friendly, with better graphics, copy and navigation
  • Conduct market research
  • Promote your new product launch
  • Free up more of your time to spend with clients – prospecting and building relationships

What is left undone on your to-do list?