In an effort to communicate our care for our client family & innovation… we are making our Vision, Philosophy and Values public. To date, these have only been shared with new clients in the onboarding process or team members during orientation.


To be recognized as the nation’s most innovative, client-centric and devoted Virtual Assistant team, valued as an indispensable part of small businesses.


The following core principles and values grow out of our mission and vision and serve to guide our work.

  • Quality: To support the highest standards of excellence in all we do.
  • Innovation: To remain at the forefront of  supporting new kinds of marketing, learning, process improvement, client care and attention
  • Creativity and Openness: To foster an environment conducive to creativity and supportive of the creative process. All team members and contractors are always heard and healthy exchanges of issues and ideas are always promoted. We value and promote a company culture of communication.
  • Relevance: To remain agile in our thinking and responsive to current and emerging trends, technologies, opportunities and challenges…
  • Client-Centered:  To place client need’s at the center of our planning and delivering; maintaining confidentiality and  security for our client’s at all times.
  • Commitment and Responsibility: To ensure organizational continuity, stability, security and growth through the highest level of legal and ethical responsibility.