A friend and client, Linda Handley, recently released a book, SQUEEKY and LOUIE. Today, she’s stopped by my blog. I met Linda through The Women’s Small Business Association, an organization that we both serve, and love the enthusiasm that she shares with so many others. When Linda first told me she would be publishing her father’s book, with the  proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society, I knew I wanted to do anything I could to help her promote it.

Read our interview below!

Linda, you are so busy with your role as the Assistant Executive Director of the Women’s Small Business Association, as well as working with your other non-profits such as Metals for Mettle, what made you take on another role with publishing Squeeky and Louie?

I had always thought about publishing the book.  The timing just didn’t seem right.

I was asked to help with a benefit for the American Cancer Society.  Congressman Doyle was honored at the event.  He told an amazing story of people battling cancer.  I know many people at my table were inspired and moved to tears.

I came home and sat down in my living room and thought, “How can I give back to the American Cancer Society?”  I looked over to one of my bookcases and there was my father’s book.

I decided to publish the children’s book and give the proceeds back to the American Cancer Society.

How has your life been affected by cancer?

As everyone,  my life has been touched my cancer many times.

I know many people who are asking the same question, “is cancer on the rise in our society ?”  Is it better detection ? Environment ?  Lifestyle ?

The one thing that I do know,  the American Cancer Society is an organization that is truly making a difference.

Tell me about your father.

My father and I have always been close.   He is intelligent, supportive, and fights for what he believes in.  He lives in Hershey Pennsylvania with my mother Mary.

Several years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer.  As everyone who has been through this knows,  it is an amazingly difficult time for the person with the diagnosis and their family and friends. My father continues to run his own marathon, as he was recently re-diagnosed with cancer and is once again undergoing treatment.

“Dad, I cannot imagine what it’s like to endure chemotherapy five days a week,” I said to him the other day.

“Baby, when you were little, I told you and your brother to get back up if life knocks you down,” he responded.

Amazing . . . even in Dad’s time of adversity, he’s still teaching me. What an inspiration he continues to be, a true role model of selflessness.

How do you see this book helping children?

Well,  I hadn’t really thought about that.  I know that when I was young, my father would read this to me.  It is a story about two little grey mice who want to come out of their home and play.  They dream of crackers and cheese and pie.  They plan how they will got to the kitchen for something to eat.

What I remember most is being mesmerized by the drawings and the expressions on the character’s faces.

I hope that children will enjoy this tale as much as I did.

It is a very unique book, that really tells such a great story for both young and old children – what is your favorite part?

Well that is easy,  the two mice crawling back into their beds after their big adventure falling asleep with pie on their chins.

What is next for you?

I am part of a book project that will be released in the spring,  Inspired Entrepreneurs.  Much of my story is based on my childhood and the impact my parents had on my life.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me and ask such thought inducing questions.  I appreciate your support.


Readers — pick up your copy for $8.95 at Squeeky and Louie.com.

Linda — I wish you all the luck in the world as you continue to raise money for the American Cancer Society.