Leslie’s passion is in helping business owners and prides herself on enhancing the client experience as she assists clients with their administrative, branding and online/digital marketing needs. Growing up with an entrepreneurial mother, she saw firsthand what it takes to succeed– determination, grit and passion.

Leslie is best described as a virtual assistant who has a ton of technical knowledge but also excels (and enjoys!) front-end customer experience roles. Her expertise, in addition to her expansive, ever-growing technical knowledge, lies in her commitment to over-the-top client service. She has a wide breadth of abilities including all aspects of administrative and executive support and online business management, as well as content creation, email management, course launches, InfusionSoft (front-end campaigns, automation sequences, payment resolutions & subscriptions), branding, digital marketing, WordPress, digital marketing strategies, MailChimp and more.


Leslie’s natural strength is in developing and maintaining relationships that help her clients and ensure their success. Leslie brings her innovative ideas and strategies to the table, and offers a rare combination of technical and practical expertise. 

Her years of corporate experience in the retail, real estate and healthcare industries, along with her people skills, have proven extremely effective in helping her clients in the virtual assistant capacity. 

Leslie studied at Western Michigan University and dove in to additional branding coursework to further her marketing knowledge.

Fun fact about Leslie: Her husband, Kyle, is also one of our team members!