“Hope was the quintessential social media assistant. She knows all the stuff and makes it easy for you the customer, to execute against your goals.”

Erin Wilson
CEO / Co-Founder / Talent Engineer

britton-gregory-headshot“Rachel has been a lifesaver, coming up to speed rapidly on items that other folk have found a bit tricky, and saving me a ton of time and energy.”

Britton Gregory
Financial Advisor
Financial Geekery (Austin, TX)

cindy-berkowitz“Just wanted you to know it was a pleasure to work with Hal. He did a great job and was very responsive and easy to communicate with. Thank you for our beautiful site. Cannot wait to unveil! I’m sure we’ll be hiring VAUSA again”

Cindy Berkowitz
Board Member
Community House Presbyterian Church (North Side, PA)

Ginger“I have been working with Virtual Assist USA for about 4 years and the experience has been terrific. They have experts in all the areas — newsletter, social media, etc. and I have specific people I work with all the time. They make a great team and they make my life SO much easier. Not to mention that their fees are very reasonable. All in all an excellent company.”

Ginger Burr
Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper
Total Image Consultants.com (Boston, MA)

WendyYellen“I wanted you to know that Jo went WAY beyond the beyond in supporting me MASSIVELY today. Unfortunately, without meaning to or even realizing it, I threw her into the deep end with a leaky life preserver, but she swam anyway – and beautifully! I had a major event today and Jo was right there with us, fielding new tasks left and right, and staying on so late to help us that I blush to tell you! To have someone on my team who is so willing, and so massively supportive, is like mana for the soul. I hope you can feel my appreciation.”

Wendy Yellen
Eidetic Life Coach
Wendy Yellen.com (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Justin1“I have been working with Maria as my lead Virtual Assistant for 6 months and I have to say: I don’t know I managed without her. She is incredible. Her ability to keep me organized and deal with the day to day running’s of my business so efficiently is a God-send. Knowing that she has everything under control and is always anticipating my needs gives me the freedom to do what I do best: sell my product. I never have to worry about whether things are running smoothly. She is a brilliant writer and creative problem solver, I count on her for all my correspondence and marketing as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Justin Fried
Milestone Wholesale Materials (New York City, NY)



How can we support you?

tiffany“I have worked with Virtual Assist USA for two years and have been very pleased with their services. I have found them to be a one stop shop for my online business needs. I used their services for my e-mail marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and monthly newsletter development. Their prices were extremely reasonable and they created an affordable package that suited my needs. Their SEO efforts were able to get one of my websites on the first page of Google within the first 3 months. With their help, division of my business grew exponentially within a short period of time. I found all of the team members to be timely, professional, and very effective. I would highly recommend Virtual Assist USA to any business that is in need of management of their online marketing needs.”

Tiffany Fluhme
Fluhme Beauty & Glam Bar (Pittsburgh, PA)

danielleh“I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help us get this big project out – you went above and beyond – way beyond – and I cannot articulate how appreciative I am of your expertise and talents and for offering them and yourself to our company. You were patient and even when I was veering off track you helped to reel me back in – thank you for the sophistication of our project – you truly made it into what we were looking for – thank you! Thank you, again – I cannot say it enough!”

Danielle Herring
Non-Profit Director
EmpowHer Institute (Los Angeles, CA)

john-jensen“I am a busy strategic accounts manager for a hyper-growth software company. Researching executives, their contact information, and their backgrounds is at the very heart of what I do to generate revenue. However, I don’t always have time to do this myself. I started using virtual assistants several years ago, finding the cost and time savings to be outstanding. However, there is a lot left to be desired around quality. I suppose I suffered through that as I just assumed it was part of the process. Doing a Google search one day, I decided to give a U.S.-based virtual system a try. Virtual Assist USA has been my choice ever since. I fired all the other virtual assistants with a smile on my face! The quality, the timeliness in the process are nearly flawless. I am a super happy customer.”

John Jensen
Senior Vice President
Tableau Software (Dallas, TX)

nina“One of the things that most impresses me about Virtual Assist USA is the fact that I’m not dealing with just an individual who has a database of other service providers. Rather, in hiring Virtual Assist USA, I have hired an online business management team, which makes a huge difference. With Virtual Assist USA, I’ve never experienced “the dog ate my homework” type of excuses for missed deadlines or incomplete work product– factors that are quite common when I worked with individual virtual assistants. It’s a seamless, well-integrated team that has been able to fulfill all of my business management requests (timely!), from formatting and distributing my weekly ezine, expanding my presence on social media, to increasing the visibility of my website, and more. And now that I’m shifting my business model, I’m able to tap into Daniella Cuomo’s wealth of knowledge as an MBA. Virtual Assist USA saves me hours upon hours each month–there’s no way I have time (or talent) to do all the things they do for me. As a Small Business Champion, I’m a huge advocate of finding ways to make your business less owner-dependent. If you have any desire to grow your business, take the leap and start delegating to Virtual Assist USA.”

Nina Kaufman, Esq.
Small BusinessChampion & Attorney
BusinessExponential.com (New York, NY)

kristie“A consummate professional, Danielle is always open to new ideas and offers experienced perspectives that drive successful results for her clients. This team feels more like a partner than a service provider, taking a passionate approach to our business and delivering expert service. I would recommend this to anyone needing to outsource their marketing-related business activities.”

Kristie Hokin
Head of Marketing
The Hayzlett Group (New York, NY)

amelia“I needed a Virtual Assistant to help me with time management, internet marketing, social media, customer relationship management and website design. After I had my initial conversation with the owner, Danielle, I knew that she would always look out for my best interests and the “right” thing to do. She is professional, but fun at the same time. When I first started working with my team at Virtual Assist USA, I didn’t know anything about marketing – but now, I am proud to say I do. Virtual Assistants are the new type of assistant and are more productive than having one in office. I recommend Virtual Assist USA 100% to enhance and grow your business!”

Amelia Rozas
Architect & Interior Designer
Amelia Rozas Design (Miami, FL)

bettylamar“You did a great job as usual! Thanks for supporting us with this last minute campaign. We are so grateful to have you.”

Betty LaMarr
CEO & Author
Nadisa Associates (Los Angeles, CA )

phyllis“We hired Virtual Assist USA when we were in need of social media marketing services and after speaking to them, realizing how well-qualified they seemed. We benefited from their services by saving time and money — and we also got advice in a lot of areas. This team knows their stuff. You won’t be sorry if you work with Virtual Assist USA!”

Phyllis Neill
Managing Partner
Buzz 12 Marketing Agency (Birmingham, AL)

chrisnix“I wanted to take the time to thank you both very much for changing my life! It just blows my mind to think in just a couple short years I was able to go from Engineer to FULL TIME ARTIST!! I am 100% confident that is because of the ground work and education provided by you early on in my career! Too many times life gets too busy to stop and honestly thank the special people that got us where we are today, but this life-event is too big for me to to pass by. I am forever indebted to your efforts, your guidance, and your friendships. Thank you again for everything!”

Christopher Nix
Christopher’s Collages (Pittsburgh, PA)

kamala-murphey“As a solopreneur and big idea person, I’ve learned a lot of basic skills needed to put my ideas into motion. But as my business evolved, I needed a lot more than the basics to get by. That’s where Virtual Assist USA has come in and been invaluable! Rather than spending WAY TOO MUCH time trying to figure out how to master some bit of technology or html code – or even design a great logo for a new product, I’ve been able to hand things over to a team of professionals who do the jobs much more elegantly and efficiently than I could – at a fraction of the cost! I have been so impressed with the quality of the work of the Virtual Assist USA team – especially the design and tech folks who seem to have literally intuited what I needed and wanted, even when my own vision of the tasks were anything but clear! “

Kamala Murphey, MA, Th.M
Coach & Mentor
Spiritual Success Mentor (Sacramento, CA)

Irina1“I was seeking assistance with various tasks – like writing newsletters, social media management, client care and maintaining my client database. My intention was to reallocate my time so I could spend more time with my clients and perform healing services and minimize the amount of time I spend in front of a computer. I have been very pleased with my decision to work with Virtual Assist USA. My ad hoc requests were completed in timely manner and with great accuracy and personal touch, which totally exceeded my expectations. Virtual Assist USA is a perfect partner, which will help you to increase your personal productivity and create a stress-free work environment for you and your staff. I highly recommend them as a business partner.”

Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP
Energy Practitioner
Healing Globe (Metuchen, New Jersey)


kevinWorking with your team and getting things done is huge step forward with my company. This progress wouldn’t have happened without your help! Read a blog post that Kevin wrote about us here.

Kevin Jones
Ectobox Software, Inc (Pittsburgh, PA)

sirena“Everything is amazing! I am impressed with someone who has the ability to have built such a reliable, trustworthy virtual assistance company. I finally feel that I have someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s great to have a team that I know “has my back”.”

Sirena Pellarollo, Ph.D.
Holistic Health Practice
Viva Mi Vida (Los Angeles, California)

barbara“When I entered the world of entrepreneurs with an online presence, I discovered that even though I was on a budget — I needed an assistant to get started. Others were hiring Virtual Assistants to allow them to not have to spend all of their time on the nuts and bolts. I hired VAs but there was always something missing. My business coach told my VA should anticipate my needs and make helpful suggestions. Virtual Assist USA was recommended to me by another business owner. I spoke to Daniella and immediately loved her upbeat personality and knowledge of an entrepreneur’s needs. She instilled confidence in me right away by telling me what I needed. I love the team, too, because we have multiple projects going all at the same time. I have experienced a high level of professionalism as they respond to my requests promptly and handle whatever comes up. My production level has risen since working with Virtual Assist USA. They are excellence at making suggestions for what comes next. I get to do what I do best and leave the rest to the team. They allow me to pursue my dream of having my own business and helping others. You might say they helped me get my laugh back!'”

Barbara Cummings, MSN
Women’s Empowerment Coach
Get Your Laugh Back (Boston, MA)

lindahandley“This team is very professional, knowledgeable, and I recommend Virtual Assist USA’s Virtual Assistants to everyone I know. We have worked together on several website and marketing projects. Innovative, efficient, and responsive. The web design is to the point, clean, and makes it very easy for the client to navigate. Highly recommended!”

Linda Handley, CEO
Real Estate Investor
Building Bridges for Business (Non-Profit) (Pittsburgh, PA)

dorene“Your competence, professionalism and integrity translates into having, for the first time in all of my years as a solopreneur, the support of a team that takes care of my business as if it was theirs. In addition to the freedom from doing so much of it myself, I now feel secure that high quality work is getting done exactly as promised. Your creative marketing ideas are over-the-top fantastic.”

Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D
Business Advisor and Team Strategy Consultant
(Los Angeles, CA)

sylvia“You have done a superb job. You were able to give me some ideas and input on how to put it all together and it looks fantastic. I’m so excited to get my site out to the world and to brag to them on who developed it. It was professionally done and in good taste. My friends were “WOW-ED” and impressed by the results.”

Sylvia Morales
Franchise Owner
(Bethel Park, PA)

danluttner“We hired them to improve our online marketing efforts. I knew that Danielle was an expert in all things online, but the amount of creativity and diligence exhibited is remarkable. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to supplement their business with serious talent without the expense and time of hiring an MBA.”

Dan Luttner
Vice President of Business Development
BravuraLeads (Pittsburgh, PA)

diana“Virtual Assist USA has an outstanding team. They are efficient, creative, professional, and a true pleasure to work with. They complete tasks expertly and I truly enjoy working with them. I highly recommend their services. They are skilled and knowledgeable about web design, social marketing, search engine optimization, and book/author publicity and promotions. They exceed expectations with all assignments.”

Diana Fletcher
Professional Speaker
ThoughtsByDiana.com (Murrysville, PA)

stevetoy“I couldn’t be happier. The team is skilled and personable which makes my job much easier. It is nice to know that they are there to handle whatever is needed from writing quality copy, to setting up social media accounts and networks to approaching prospects or media. The skill set of the team means I can ask them to take care of anything. They have my absolute, unqualified recommendation. [They] will make your life easier and put a smile on your face along the way.”

Steve Toy
Beema, Inc. (San Fransisco, CA)

nina-feldman“Virtual Assist USA is one of the most responsive and reliable service providers I’ve added to my referral network. I’m very particular about whom I work with, and Daniella has been thorough, cooperative, and rapid in her responses to me about everything. Regular communication is something I prize above all in my working relationships, and Daniella has made sure to keep me alerted and informed about all of our dealings–something other virtual assistant services often fail to do.”

Nina Feldman
Computer Consultant Referral Service (Oakland, CA)

nathalie“Virtual Assist USA has been a true blessing to me as a stressed out business owner. I highly recommend these Virtual Assistant services to anyone who is trying to juggle business and life. The Virtual Assist USA team is incredibly prompt, professional and a true pleasure to work with.”

Nathalie Kuffer
FunNFit Mobile Wellness (Irwin, PA)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I can’t say enough good things about the team at Virtual Assist USA. They care about their clients’ businesses above and beyond just doing the work they are assigned. I never had a missed deadline and the work they produced was far superior. I was hesitant to go the virtual assistant route, but after my experience with Virtual Assist USA I am a believer. I strongly recommend them for a business who is serious about getting work done that produces a result.”

Jody Layne
Expect Referrals (Orlando, FL)


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