A simple thank you and a simple acknowledgment are simply priceless. Writing a short but warm note of gratitude is all you need to do to keep the good business karma coming back.

How many handwritten thank you cards have you recently sent out to team members, clients and networking colleagues? How did it make you feel? In my Virtual Assistant business, I constantly come across clients and colleagues who impress me with their generosity and dedication.

Here are some of my favorite reasons to send a thank you note (and if the act being thanked was ‘extra special’, I like to include a Starbucks gift card in the amount of a few drinks… entrepreneurs always welcome more caffeine!)

Why write them?

1.      One of your clients sent a referral to you (even if the referral didn’t work out – acknowledge the gesture anyway)

2.      A Virtual Assistant on your team worked all weekend to finish an important project for you

3.      The sales representative from your print shop went out of his way to deliver your new brochures so you would have them in time for a big event

4.      Your significant other puts up with your laptop in bed, your Blackberry under the pillow and early mornings at the office – and loves you anyway. (I am guilty of all of these!)

5.      Just because that person may be having a bad day and need to hear from you

What to say?

Three simple sentences are all you need to express your sincere appreciation. Always handwrite the note, even if you don’t think your penmanship is what your 2nd grade teacher wanted it to be.

When to send it?

I make it a point of sending one hand written note per week to someone who went above and beyond for me. Figure out your own schedule that works for you – as long as it is consistent.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” –Voltaire.”