Entrepreneurs thrive on risk-taking and stress. There is no way around that and no one will change someone’s psyche. It is how entrepreneurs are born.

When you are running a business, it’s very easy to get stressed out (For this, we whole-heatedly recommend checking out Diana Fletcher, the Stress Reducing Expert).

Before you talk to Diana, check out our Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs. These aren’t the typical time management tips like “Only check your e-mail 3xs a day”. I know you won’t do that. (For the record, I think that is insane.)

  1. Make Sure Your To Do List Is One-Page: If you’re to-do list is more than one page, you’re bound to be stressed and overwhelmed. Pick a day each week (Thursday or Friday) to create your upcoming To-Do list. Do not cheat by making your writing really tiny! Whatever does not fit on a page, delegate to your Virtual Assistant. Then, delegate the remaining 50% of your list. (For an idea of what Services a Virtual Assistant can handle, click here.)
  2. Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Use Post-Its: Once you start pasting sticky notes on your office walls, your week is going no where good. Plus, it looks very sloppy. Simply use your manageable To Do list to keep track of tasks. Immediately delegate half of your list to your Virtual Assistant. Definitely delegate anything that you were going to write on a Post-It.
  3. Delegate Anything That’s Been On Your List For a Week: If it’s been a week and the task has not been started, delegate it to your Virtual Assistant. This is your cue that you will not get it done.
  4. Tackle the Big Guys First: Give priority to the tasks that have a direct impact on your revenue or will take more than 2 hours.  A bonus is if you can complete your big tasks in the morning before lunch. (Some entrepreneurs may not remember what the word “lunch” means, so as a refresher: it is a break in your day where you eat food and do not check e-mails.)
  5. Get 8-9 Hours of Sleep: This is just because being tired stinks.