When you bring up the term “Virtual Assistant” to savvy entrepreneurs, the reaction is that anyone who has used one swears by them.  A quick Google search shows thousands of individuals who bill themselves as Virtual Assistants, and hundreds of companies who have large Virtual Assistant teams and dedicated project managers. Where to start? Which of these virtual assistants will be the best fit for your business?

When hiring a company like Virtual Assist USA, the biggest advantage is that you are not hiring a single person, with a single set of skills who is trying to be a Jack or Jill of all trades, but rather a whole team who are all supremely qualified in their own fields.

While clients may work primarily with a certain member of the Virtual Assist USA team, that one individual has all of his or her colleagues ready to back them up in an instant. It is unrealistic to believe that one person can be good at everything that you may need a virtual assistant to do. That is why at Virtual Assist USA, we understand the value of having built a strong team of different individuals who can all work together to get any job done.

Some of our VAs are financial whizkids , the kind of people who seem like they have a calculator built into their brain. Others are skilled marketers  with years of experience in creating and managing both on and offline campaigns. Then there are our graphic designers, web designers, our go to IT guys. Hire Virtual Assist USA and you will be hiring them all.

– Written by: Virtual Assist USA Team Member – Melanie Rivera, M.A.