Social networking is all the rage lately, but it is not meant to replace traditional methods of networking. The reality is that it cannot replace a proactive, thoughtful, innovative marketing strategy.

If your target market is NOT on Facebook, what good does it do you to post? This may sound crazy, because a lot of our clients come to us for help with social networking Virtual Assistants, but we are always up front, straight and we tell them if we think it will work – or if there is another, proven avenue they should try.

3 Things Social Media IS Good For:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Market research on your target audience
  3. Keeping in touch with old friends and classmates (they may be a decision-maker for a top client you are trying to attract!)

That all said, to be competitive and on-the-map in today’s marketplace, you need to engage in social media. But it simply cannot be your entire strategy.

3 Ways to Actually Make Social Media Work For You:

Remember – is your target market hanging out on social media sites? If not, time to use another avenue! Otherwise, read on.

1. You must have a developed strategy. A Virtual Assistant can help you with this. Write your social media plan just as you would your marketing plan. List your goal, your audiences, what you want to communicate and a timeline of how often.

2. Establish relationships. Take the time to be interested in other people’s lives. Just because you are “friends” on Facebook does not a relationship make. Be friendly and ask questions. As my great friend says, “Make it personal.”

3. Be of use. Twitter is not the place to hawk your wares. It is the place, however, to establish connections, identify strategic partnerships and collaborations and to share your valuable knowledge with the world. Provide tips. Link to useful sites. Make recommendations. Be an expert. Add value.


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